Ilizarov Hip Reconstruction,
Lengthening & Correction of the Femur

Doctor: S. Robert Rozbruch

Patient: Rosa

Rosa is a 23 year old woman who had an infection in her hip as a child resulting in complete destruction of her hip. She was missing the head and neck of her femur.

This caused her to have 2 inch shortening of the left leg and a severe limp. She was told by many doctors that there was no solution to this problem.

We performed an Ilizarov Hip Reconstruction. A proximal femoral osteotomy is done to improve the biomechanics and muscle efficiency of the hip.

In addition, a distal femoral osteotomy was done for 2 inches of lengthening and limb realignment.

She now has equal leg lengths and walks without a limp.

She has painless motion of her hip and knee, and she is very happy.