Bone transport in femur for a 10 cm defect

Doctor: S. Robert Rozbruch

Patient: John

John was in a severe car accident and suffered an open right femur fracture among other injuries.

Open wounds, exposed bone, and bone loss had occurred. He was initially treated with a rod, and this became infected. He was offered an above knee amputation by other doctors, and he wanted us to save his leg.

He presented to us with a 10 cm segmental bone defect and infection.

The rod was removed and the bone edges were debrided. Antibiotic beads were inserted to help clear the infection. After 6 weeks, the beads were removed and the bone defect was gradually shortened. Then an osteotomy above the knee was performed. Gradual lengthening in the distal femur would restore the length of his leg.

A 10 cm lengthening was done while the bone defect was closed. This is known as bone transport. Full weight bearing was encouraged during the treatment.

The new bone matured and healed. John is walking and he is very happy.